Available Claritas Data

In 2003, Ribbon Demographics selected Claritas to produce our HISTA data. This decision was made after comparing their 2000 estimates with 2000 Census data and with 2000 estimates from other private providers. We also had in-depth conversations about methodology with the head demographers at each firm and concluded that Claritas was by far the best choice.

Claritas continues to be a world-class source of data, and we are proud to have been partnered with them for over a decade. Each year, the demographers and production team go to great lengths to produce the most reliable numbers for the HISTA updates.

HISTA is compatible with Claritas’s PopFacts data – household totals line up with those from their standard age and income products. This makes their data the obvious choice for the information needed to complement HISTA – population, housing unit data and so on. Therefore, Ribbon Demographics is also a licensed reseller of a wide range of Claritas’s demographic data products.

We have packaged their data into groups of information that are key to housing market analysis and developed the same user-friendly tables and charts in our reports.

As with HISTA, either individual reports or full databases are available.