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Demand Analysis

Give us your market area and rents - we'll do the calculations Demand Estimates and Capture Rates produced using the power of HISTA

Our demand analysis service is designed for those who need:
  • a snapshot of demand in their market area for site selection
  • to confirm demand for underwriting/allocation decisions
  • a complete demand and capture rate section for insertion into their market studies
We provide all calculations, supporting data, clear tables and a narrative spelling out all steps in an easy-to-follow format, based on the parameters and information you supply.

Our methodology for calculating demand is designed to include only those households with a reasonable likelihood of moving to a particular project. We strive to use only the households that can or would realistically live at a property so as not to over inflate demand.

  • We use only the household sizes that can fit in the proposed unit size
  • We calculate the households that fit within the income ranges for their specific household size.
  • We recommend using age groups that local market data indicates have the greatest potential to live at the type of community planned.
  • We recognize the additional challenges of calculating demand from senior households and use only those with a reasonable propensity to move to a specific property.

For more information, contact:
Julia LaVigne Phone: 916-880-1644 or 970-366-4256